Breeder Birds for Sale or Wanted:

We do not buy breeders for the purpose of resale.

Sometimes we have a pair that will not breed and produce for us.

Some birds do not feel safe in the environment that we provide. We will work with these birds for 2 or 3 years and do all we can think of to get them comfortable and laying for us but at some point we make the decision to sell them to someone else who might have the "key" that works for the pair.

We will not sell 2 boys as a breeding pair. We've experienced that on a few occasions and feel strongly enough about it to not do it to someone else.

Accepting new birds into the aviary

We are not a "rescue" and do not promote that status. We will take in birds that have met with emergency situations but anything that comes in has to go into a quarantine situation until we can determine it is healthy. We will discuss each relinquished bird with the owner to determine the best situation for that bird. Life happens badly every now and then and we will help anyone who has a bird they no longer want or cannot keep for whatever reason. This is a sad reality sometimes and we do not act as judge over a situation but we will help if we can.