What To Expect with a New Baby Parrot

What You Should Expect From Us

As a buyer you should expect a healthy, well adjusted baby. The baby should not bite.

If you are local, we invite you to come for a preplanned appointment with a set time. I don't worry as much for the baby bonding with you, although early handling by the perspective owner is definitely beneficial.

The visits will give me some insight as to how you handle the baby and gives you a chance to ask questions. We have a chance to discuss foods, cage placement, and potential problems that may arise.

If you live out of state you should expect pictures to show the baby's growth. You should also expect an update on its mental and physical development and a progress report and any recognized personality tendencies.

Every now and then we have a baby bird that does not fall in the normal category in attitude and temperament. Their behavior may be aggressive, needy or shy but it is obvious they need more attention.

If this happens to be "your" baby we will tell you when this is noted and let you know that we are doing extra work with this baby. You will have the option to choose another if one is available or I will return your money.

A baby that is of questionable personality will be offered to a local buyer so they have the option of a return if it is something they find unacceptable.

What We Expect from the Buyer

We expect you to visit when you can and do your homework on their care. Please join a chat group pertaining to your chosen baby, learn as much as you can. It is an ongoing study to provide a secure and healthy environment for domestically raised birds.

If you live out of state and the baby has to be flown to you, I expect continued contact through e-mail and right before shipping a verbal, over-the-phone confirmation that you are going to be there to pick the baby up at the scheduled time.

I also expect a telephone call from you at the earliest convenient time telling me the baby is okay. This phone call is very important to me as it lets me consider the whole transaction, which can evolve over many weeks, "a wrap."

Later, after the baby has settled in, maybe you would let me know how you both are doing together and how the new home and cage is being accepted.

We hope you understand that this is a hard business and we care tremendously for the babies to give up our freedom and sleep in their rearing. We love these little bits of life and do our best to nurture them in a way that makes them trusting and friendly.

I would like to know what you named the baby. Pictures are always appreciated.